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Where to get images for your Ads, Landing Pages or Sites – 2017 Edition.

We all need some photo content from time to time, whether we need them on our blogs, use them for making banners or landing pages. There is no shortage of paid image-banks, but most of them are way too expensive. Here are some of them in case you are looking for high quality material and […]

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The MEGA CTR Guide! (Quadruple Your CTR & $$$)

This is an overall guide on CTR. Everything you need to know, and every technique in the book, with examples for each! First Some Info About CTR I would honestly consider my greatest strength in affiliate marketing my ability to generate really high CTRs in images and landing pages (I’m best with images). This skill […]

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how do you extract a whole page ?

hi guys, what is your tips to extract all the files from a website on mac, cuz i found it a little hard when the website has multiple folders….i tried many tools but lot of things missing from the page !

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5 Image Compressors Side by Side Comparison (2017)

Many times I had to ask myself: Which Image Compressor Tool is the Best? Is it really the one that I’m always using because its too comfortable and easy to use? Or maybe there is something better? Who knows?! If I just could see side by side which one produces the best results … or […]

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STM’s Design Resources (lots of links)

Since I can’t contribute much in regards to affiliate marketing right now I figured I can share my design resources I’ve gathered throughout the last 7-8 years of designing for clients. Maybe this stuff is going to help you guys out a little bit in some way. My font collection: These sites are useful ( […]

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These Common Design Mistakes May Cost You an Arm and a Leg!

A lot of you believe that design is a trivial thing, something you shouldn’t pay much attention to but it’s not and you should! 

“Hey wait here mister, my lander is currently working really well, why would I even care about design?” 

Yes design is subjective, and yes you should always test everything but there […]

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Unlock Hidden $$$ In Your Campaigns With Colour

Did you know there’s a hidden weapon in the fight for higher CVRs lurking in every ad and landing page you make? It can make your users trust you, prompt specific beliefs or emotions on a subconscious level, make them notice your ads or believe they’re not ads at all. What’s this hidden weapon? Colour. […]

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Thirteen Tips To Make Sure People CAN READ Your Damn Ad

You know what really crushes your ROI? If no-one can read your ad. Or your landing page. And this is a very common problem I see in affiliate campaigns, particularly for newer affiliates. You can have the best, most persuasive, most selling copy in the world, but if your prospects can’t read it, you’ll be […]

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780,000 FREE 100% Legal No Royalty Photos, Images and Vectors for your ADS!

No need to rip images off Google and worry about copyright issues when you can get almost a million images 100% legally and for free! Use!

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Need to Make a More Corporate Website? Looking for Inspiration? Look No Further!

Instead of running your affiliate marketing operations as a sole proprietorship/sole trader, savvy affiliate marketers run their operations under a limited liability company. Not only does this give you considerable legal advantages, but it can also be much more tax efficient and help you get approved easier to affiliate networks and allow you to enter […]

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