This is an overall guide on CTR. Everything you need to know, and every technique in the book, with examples for each!

First Some Info About CTR
I would honestly consider my greatest strength in affiliate marketing my ability to generate really high CTRs in images and landing pages (I’m best with images).

This skill alone is probably one of the main reasons i feel i succeed at a lot of campaigns. My conversion rates are similar to others running the same offer, but i can get my clicks so low that i’m able to break a a great ROI on the campaign. Others can always hit an amazing ROI on their campaign by tweaking landing pages 10+ times which allows them to achieve conversion rates higher then everyone else. There’s tons of methods to increase your ROI, a high CTR is just my favourite.

For the newer affiliates here, CTR is essentially the amount of clicks you get on an ad or landing page / 1000. The higher the CTR, the more clicks you are getting.

When your have a higher CTR, you also get lower click prices. Most self serve advertising platforms will give you lower CPC’s as long as your CTRs as high.

Keep in mind… high ...

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