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((( Graphics Designer Looking For Job )))

Hello fellas, this is Arthur from Latvia. If you are looking for someone who could take care of your banners or anything else graphics releated then you just found the right guy. My niche is banners. I have made thousands of them in past few years. I have finnished Adobe photoshop class and I`m self-studying […]

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Unfortunately I heard bad news about bannerslanders , apparently their main webmaster was fired for going against company rules. Thing is in the meantime I really need to build some landers, I have Muse but the problem is that it only does pages, so it takes user to another page, which means, more loading time […]

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Post your funny / strange banner discoveries here!

I’ll try and keep this updated as I spy and find new funny and weird banners that make me laugh, smile or upset.. I’ve seen some hilarious ones in the past, but never saved them, so maybe it can become an archive. Maybe even a place of inspiration for new twists on angles 🙂 So, […]

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Save Time using Photoshop to Batch Edit Banners (Color’s, Copy etc.)

For some beginning affiliates, the design side of things may be alien to them and take up way too much time editing banners slightly etc. So I wanted to post this video just to give people tips on how to edit many images (eg. 8 slightly differing banners) at the same time, without spending hours. […]

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Google Translator VS OneHourTranslation! [RESULTS inside]

PRE-DETAILS I have always hated on google translator as a translation process for anything. The grammar is broken.. that’s a fact. Human translation is always better! …BUT does that necessarily mean it will convert better? Sometimes i’ve split tested buttons that said “clicke now” or “clickk now” and they would out perform the proper spellings. […]

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100 + Free Logo Site ***.PSD FORMATTED***

This is a great site to use for creating logos and the fonts are clean and crisp, really nice for header lines. It’s all professional quality and can be easily adapted… -D

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