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Dot Com Domains For Landers?

This may sound insane. But after playing cat and mouse with Google SB flags on my lander domains today: ‘ (5 months no flags!) Flag. -> Dammit, I’ll switch to my ready-made backup (45 minutes later flag) -> Shit. Okay, let’s try something I haven’t had active on cloudflare yet (30 minutes flag) […]

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Outbrain or Bust!

It does beg the question, do you really want your brain out? But eh, at least you’ve got one, right? Hopefully @matuloo, jack_l and even @vortex will find this and share some wisdom. And let me know if I’m leaving out important information. So without further adu: Platform: Taboola Oops, this is suppose to be […]

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ZEROPARK – Get an extra $100 for your Push/Pop/Domain ads

Hey there, Looking for a quality Push, Pop or Domain traffic platform? We’ve got what you need. If you’re new to the platform or haven’t tried us in a while, now is the best time to hop on board. Why? 🤔 Because if you create your account now and use the code “STM” on the […]

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1 Weird Trick to A Successful Native Follow Along

***Copying my Follow-Along from another forum to this forum*** In the spirit of running native traffic, I figured I’d make up a funny follow along title. Been lurking around this forum and MadSociety forum for about a month now just to get re-acclimated to the affiliate marketing scene and to understand tracking and all that […]

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HOW TO optimize a campaign step by step – this is one of my methods.

There has been a lot of threads and posts asking for optimization methods and what is the right way to do it. So instead of replying to the same question in multiple threads, let me explain one of my methods here and let’s keep the related discussion in this thread too. I will include answers […]

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Running Search Feed Arbitrage Campaigns on Native

Recently this type of campaigns has been gaining lots of traction, and quite frankly running them on native traffic is “a piece of cake” – especially when compared with the usual lead generation or straight sale offers. As a matter of fact, these campaigns mostly run on a direct-link flow meaning that you don’t need […]

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RevShare vs PPL campaign – Binom Analysis

RevShare Campaign From last 1 year I have been running adult dating PPL offers. Now for the first time, I have decided to run Revshare for a particular Geo. I did spy on adplexity and created my account with RevShare affiliate network. That affiliate network also provide its own banners as well as landing pages. […]

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$1.2m in 2 month – Facebook WH Leadgen 2020 Results

Highlights: September’20: Leads: 62 409 Revenue: $662 436 Profit: $107 364 October’20: Leads: 58 105 Revenue: $606 731 Profit: $132 152 Hey guys, this year was challenging. I think everybody felt this pain when getting banned for running even WH angles. And a lot of affiliates struggling to choose what vertical to choose in 2021, […]

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How to find a profitable offer as a newbie??

Hey Guys, I need a little advice I think I am stuck. I am not able to find a profitable offer. You see I have read this forum for the past 2 months. I have completed the Vortex’s 40 days tutorial and I read Twinaxe’s push tutorial. I have also completed many other case studies […]

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Case Study: How I’m able to achieve Massive EPC & ROI with Adult Dating CPA

Hey, am Kostas. I wanted to quickly say hello and Introduce myself … …and I think a good way to do that is to share with you some of my work; A case study on how I promote Adult Dating CPA offers, in case others will find it useful and/or motivated to run things a […]

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