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Special: Exclusive Click2SMS Offers Only For STM Users

Did I read correct? Exclusive Click2SMS Offers Only For STM Users? Yes, that´s correct. Exclusive offers only for our great users on STM. Ok, but how is this possible? Probably you have already seen my campaign guide about the offers from Haka. After I posted the guide they had to close the registration for few […]

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Becoming A Native native [Follow Along]

Hey STM I’m back and ready to give native a try. I had some good success with push notification traffic in the past, and still am running some decent volume but I just got tired of trying to scale with push, it’s hard to maintain 4 figs per day in spend, not to mention having […]

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From Zero to $9,682,830.21 at 21 (High School Dropout Success Secrets)

Hey guys, This should be a fairly long post so hang in there. I’m going to share the story of how I went from a confused (but driven) 14-year-old with $100 in my pocket to over $9,682,830.21 in revenue in just the last 2.5 years. Which allowed me to drop out of high school, travel […]

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adwords nutra

ok lot of changes traffic quality wise compared to last year. want to discuss with a couple guys, private group on skype – how everyone’s been getting along. PM me with your user and adwords experience, as a prerequisite you should be doing / have done minimum few hundred step 1s a day on adwords.

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The Least Exciting Native FA You Will Ever Read… Guaranteed!

Oh Fuck. Now I’ve done it. I fucking started another Follow Along. I promise to give your money back on this one too. And you’ll still be more profitable than me. Who the fuck jumps from Pops, the cheapest traffic on the planet, to Native, the most expensive traffic on the planet? I do. No […]

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Nutra Inspiration

Hey guys, Wanted to share some recent results here for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration. I started my Nutra affiliate journey in January 2017 after a friend showed me the space. At the time I had a pretty good knowledge of math and some experience in risk analysis. I started off running Skin […]

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Follow Along: How I build a POD Empire

Welcome to my first eCommerce follow along. Building a POD empire is probably a bit exaggerated but I will try to get a small side business on Merch by Amazon running with it. Why do I do it? I would like to show you some alternative ways to make money online besides of pushing CPA […]

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Dot Com Domains For Landers?

This may sound insane. But after playing cat and mouse with Google SB flags on my lander domains today: ‘ (5 months no flags!) Flag. -> Dammit, I’ll switch to my ready-made backup (45 minutes later flag) -> Shit. Okay, let’s try something I haven’t had active on cloudflare yet (30 minutes flag) […]

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“”Converter? I hardly know her!” Beginning my Pop Journey

The story so far… I’ve known about affiliate marketing for a while now. However, I never took the dive to spending the money, setting up the infrastructure and running campaigns. My goal with this follow along is to use it as a running log to my first profitable campaign. I’ll try and update it on […]

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How to run FB e-comm – 27 days – $242,190

Hey, STM-ers, I have spent the last 2 months testing new niches. I have been running WH leadgen (auto insurance) since 2019 but I was always curious how e-commerce performs. I got a few PMs from Carousel by Jumbleberry so I wanted to give a shot. To be honest they helped me a lot with […]

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