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FB Dead?

Excuse the sensational, clickbait title, but this is how I’m feeling about FB recently. As a health & beauty brand owner with a $140 AOV offer, I still cannot get FB to work. In Q1/Q2 (prior to IOS), I was able to get fairly consistent $55 CPAs on a $97 AOV. Biz was great. These […]

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How to Make Banners in Photoshop for Complete Newbies

EDIT: Kepe has generously shared some great banner templates in this post! Download them now!! This is a video I did for a friend’s mentorship program. If you have NEVER used photoshop and want to learn how to make banners, this 30-minute video will take you by the hand and show you how to make […]

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Running Search Feed Arbitrage Campaigns on Native

Recently this type of campaigns has been gaining lots of traction, and quite frankly running them on native traffic is “a piece of cake” – especially when compared with the usual lead generation or straight sale offers. As a matter of fact, these campaigns mostly run on a direct-link flow meaning that you don’t need […]

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How to Cut Placements, Landers and Banners – Part 2

If you want to know how to cut landers please see Part 1. ************************************************************* PART 2: How to Cut Unprofitable Banner and Placements ************************************************************* Often, we need to know how likely it would be for something to be profitable, or not, in the long run. Examples: 1)Getting traffic from a sh*tload of placements (i.e. sites/apps) […]

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Blitzing $0 to $1,000 per Day in 90 Days in Native

Hello STM I’m starting a follow along to document my journey of going from $0 to $1,000 profit per day within 90 days, since today is 1st December I will be aiming for 1st of March to hit my goal. I started here just a few days ago and already learned so much about performance […]

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4 Things I Learned Before Hitting One Million Dollars

It has been over two years since I joined the forum and about a year since I threw myself full time into affiliate marketing. Without a doubt the last one has been the most exciting and intense, with a lot of effort and results that led to hitting the magical seven-figures by the end of […]

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ZERO investment Amazon FBA! ( wtf? You kidding me?!)

Nope, I am not kidding at all! It’s a general consensus that starting an Amazon FBA business would need an investment of at least $5000 or more (some say $500, $1000, whatever!), $10000 to $20000 to make a decent recurring income. And my personal estimates were atleast $50000 whenever I get started. While researching the […]

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Trying to Make This Campaign as Big as I Can

Touched on this a bit in my last post on this thread: but the short version is that I have taken a 12% positive ROI campaign from $100 daily spend, to $300, to $500, and now $1k Upped the budget to $500 per day 12 days ago. Ran into a bit of a snag […]

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Campaign Guide: Finance Survey Feed (with a gift)

Unluckily it seems that the BR casino offer from my last guide doesn´t accept new affiliates at the moment. There were some discussions recently about the “Finance Survey Feed” offers from Zeydoo so I thought a guide how to run these offers could be nice for all of you who can´t run the casino offer […]

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Back To Basic – US Sweeps on FB

Struggling as a “newbie” becoming profitable? Let’s take it to the basics then! Where it’s quite normal and usual to avoid starting at a Tier-1 country as a newbie, especially not the US, here is a “simple” guide to reach 100% ROI, without using any software, platforms, cloaking, spy tools or what so ever. All […]

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