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What’s Working for Amazon FBA 2017 – Tips and Tricks responsible for 7 Figures

Hey Stackers, Over the past year, I’ve helped run some of the most successful brands on Amazon. Here are some quick optimizations and strategies you can implement today on Amazon FBA and increase sales. Listings: EBC Stuffing – when you create EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) your description is hidden. This is great, you can revisit […]

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Outbrain or Bust!

It does beg the question, do you really want your brain out? But eh, at least you’ve got one, right? Hopefully @matuloo, jack_l and even @vortex will find this and share some wisdom. And let me know if I’m leaving out important information. So without further adu: Platform: Taboola Oops, this is suppose to be […]

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RevShare vs PPL campaign – Binom Analysis

RevShare Campaign From last 1 year I have been running adult dating PPL offers. Now for the first time, I have decided to run Revshare for a particular Geo. I did spy on adplexity and created my account with RevShare affiliate network. That affiliate network also provide its own banners as well as landing pages. […]

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[Knowledge Bomb] Hijack an industry in 7 days – Step by Step Guide

Intro: Skip to Phase 1 if background sooking isn’t your thing: I woke up this morning after a podcast on “Palm Up Networking” and thought what the fuck, here you go STM masses; HAVE SOME CAKE: Few Years – No Post. Actually – No post ever. I’m a classic under the radar junkie. This is […]

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About Dating, Push Traffic and Quality Issues

Very often we get asked if push traffic is good for SOI dating offers and just as often we say that it´s not the best choice. With this combination the problem is not that dating is not converting on push traffic. It´s rather the opposite, there are many good offers that convert on push traffic. […]

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1 Weird Trick TO LOSE a Customer

Hi there STM Family. It has been a while. Right now I am totally fed up with Thrive, since Clickbooth’s takeover, the customer support has gone downhill, response times lacking, and I’ve experienced numerous situations where the server will go offline or some other issue will cause my campaigns not to track and load. Most […]

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Facebook Ads – What Vertical to Choose in 2021

Hey guys, I wanted to expose my thoughts about actual working verticals at the end of 2020. My goal is not to persuade you in running any specific vertical but to tell you my and my friends’ experience and motivate you to keep fighting. The first one is e-commerce. I think it’s the most perspective […]

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I want to lose 18 kgs in 3 months: any tips?

I currently weigh 87 kgs and am 5″ 9′ tall. The diet plan I have chalked out is fine. Please can anyone suggest the right exercises to reduce belly fat (a good youtube video that has helped someone should be good)? 6 kgs a month seems realistic and achieveable. What do you think?

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🍿Video (41 min) interview with STM moderator Erik Gyepes

I’m in this industry for around 5 years now, but I’ve always preferred to quietly sit in the back seat, listening and doing my own things.. ..except of course being a moderator on this amazing forum where all the great things over the last years happened to me. I cannot be more glad and thankful […]

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How to find a profitable offer as a newbie??

Hey Guys, I need a little advice I think I am stuck. I am not able to find a profitable offer. You see I have read this forum for the past 2 months. I have completed the Vortex’s 40 days tutorial and I read Twinaxe’s push tutorial. I have also completed many other case studies […]

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