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Looking a Monthly Billing (Invoice) Google Ads Account (Real Money) For Rent.

Hey, I am an Affiliate Marketer. I am facing many issue on Google Ads with my credit card. Any one have Monthly Billing (Invoice Account) Google Ads Account (Real Money Account)…? I will rent from You. Please replay…!!

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$10 Million Per Month With G Ads

– Google Premier Partner Ads Account ( rules are for noobs – you can get away with a lot of things on these accounts ) – Crypto Campaigns ( Display + Search ) – Sweepstakes Campaigns ( Search ) I can make way more than $10 million per month but I hit a ceiling of […]

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Amazon – Shishev vs Bezzy Boi

Ladies & gentlemen, In the eerie peace and quiet before the TikTok degen volcano erupts on STM, ole Shishev has something different in store to keep yer eyeballs entertained in the interim. Here’s why I’m starting an Amazon follow along: 1. I’ve chosen to tackle The Bezos because I’d like a slice of that […]

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Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads

Hey there! Let’s remember how we can use Facebook ads in affiliate marketing. Being the largest world’s social media site, Facebook is a great platform to promote your business. One can use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing by targeting specific audiences and demographics that are likely interested in the product. Methods to Promote Affiliate Offers […]

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Lead or Purchase Optimization for WH Lead Gen

What are you finding generates lower CPAs when running WH FB leadgen? Do you optimize for Purchase or for Lead? Anybody tested this in the same account? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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Special: Exclusive Click2SMS Offers Only For STM Users

Did I read correct? Exclusive Click2SMS Offers Only For STM Users? Yes, that´s correct. Exclusive offers only for our great users on STM. Ok, but how is this possible? Probably you have already seen my campaign guide about the offers from Haka. After I posted the guide they had to close the registration for few […]

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Journey to $682,816 in 2021

I never intended to write this thread, but after @jaybot shared his yearly stats in his follow-along, I felt tempted to write one too. And moving forward, every year, I’ll be sharing my yearly progress on STM forum and I’ll also share my experiences, mistakes and learnings from that particular year. My 2021 Stats (In […]

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[STM Members] FREE Tickets to Ad World and Ecom World in May 2022!

The STM Forum and iStack Conferences – the organizers of Affiliate World, Ad World and Ecom World – have come together… To bring to all of you – our elite members – some very cool and valuable gifts: We’re offering all STM affiliate members FREE tickets to the Ad World AND Ecom World conferences in […]

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Corporate gift and Box for partners

I manage an important editorial project and I would like to send the VIPs I interview a branded gift box containing useful but inexpensive products. Could you help me find some ideas? Do you know sites that already do this job?

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In Memory of “Caurmen”

For those of you who aren’t aware, last night STM’s most loved and helpful member “Caurmen” passed away. Caurmen (Hugh Hancock) was literally the most thanked person on the forums. He can be directly credited to launching 100s if not 1000s of affiliate marketers careers. He allowed many to reach financial freedom so they could […]

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