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First $2500 Rev Day

Today was my first $2500 rev day, 9pm here in California so may climb to 3k, but we’ll see. I have clients with my card service that do 10x+ this on a daily basis so it really puts it into perspective, but feels good to have beaten my personal high score. This is all FB […]

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30 Days To Scale To 100 leads/day profitably – Taboola

Hello all! Longggg time Facebook BH Marketer here. Getting tired of the grind and looking for a new challenge. I have a potential client interested in buying life insurance leads so I figured I’d give native a go and see if I could see some green. Mind you I’ve never really ran native traffic before, […]

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Free Landing Page protection script {Download}

First of all, a happy 2019 to Everyone! I have decided to start the year with a bang and share my landing page protection script. This script redirects an x percentage of traffic to another url when someone rips your lander. The script is hidden in a standard jquery file and is very simple to […]

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From $15/hour to X,XXX/day with Facebook Sweeps

Hi guys! Itzpeter here to give you an awesome story of my AM journey! ���� I know I’m a hidden ninja in here haha. Some of you know me and some of you are like… who is this guy? It’s because I’m super shy and I stopped subscribing after I starting hitting higher numbers :p…anyways […]

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STM Payment Invoices Now Available!

Members have spoken – and we’ve listened!! Here’s how you can download your STM payment invoices in PDF format: 1)Go to your amember page at . (Alternatively, just log out and log back in, and you’ll see the same page.) 2)Click on “Customer Profile”. 3)Fill out the info you wish to appear on […]

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Secrets of Super High Volume Affiliates

I thought it’d be a good idea to post some ideas on how to manage your business when you become a really high volume affiliate. I’m sure the big guys on here have their own methods of managing all their campaigns and running hundreds of thousands of clicks a day, all of which can be […]

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New Tool: Lets You Apply to Lots of Aff Networks By Pushing 1 Button

UPDATE January 2019: We’re looking to add more networks to the tool! For details please see: Are you a newbie needing to get into more affiliate networks? Gotten rejected by networks in the past? Afraid of being rejected again? Here’s your solution! Introducing….the Central Vendor Application System: How to use the tool: 1)You […]

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Taking A Landing Page from 2 Seconds’ Loading Time To 34 Milliseonds Loading Time

No, that’s not a typo. It’s really possible to get your LPs in front of the user in sub-100ms times – which research shows can skyrocket your CTR (and here are the results of Stack That Money’s own testing to prove it!) I’m using an old landing page of mine for this tutorial, back from […]

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Why 2020 Is The Year Of COD? Here’s How To Run $10k/day In South East Asia

As an affiliate, it has been a really challenging journey on running stuff on FB. With all the unreasonable things happening (increasing CPM in Tier 1 GEOs, daily budget limitation, BM ban…) it is really tough to maintain a healthy ROI, as there are only so many things you can control as an affiliate. Namely, […]

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First $4000+ Revenue Day!

At the start of last month I had some of my best days thus far in affiliate marketing. The 5th of April was particularly good where I had a ROI of 175% and revenue of $4300+ AUD which is roughly $3000 USD! It gave me some much needed motivation to keep scaling up and eventually […]

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