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12 Biggest Newbie Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 1)

AM is not an easy skill to master, and making mistakes and learning from them is a big part of the learning process. During my many discussions with new affiliates on this forum and in the 6WAMC, I noticed that some of the same mistakes are being made by new affiliates – over and over […]

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Looking For FB Agency

hey guys this is my first post here. We are a search arb company we run semi-whitehat ads on fb right now we spend around $15-20k a day on FB ads. around $500k so far in spend this month. we currently run with an agency we pay 10% of spend and 1.5% cc fees. were […]

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Car Loans vertical – $115,445 in 14 days | Facebook

Today I would like to reveal some details about how to run another white hat lead generation offer – Car Loans. This article is to attract your attention to other verticals and offers, because, it seems, everyone is running auto now, it became super competitive. Traffic source: facebook Duration: 14 days and keep running Revenue: […]

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Hey Guys, Rob Gryn here, founder of As of late, we’ve become one of the largest redirect ad networks in the world with more traffic flowing through our system than most of our competitors could even dream of handling without their servers exploding. As well as aggregated traffic we have quite a few exclusive […]

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How to Make Banners in Photoshop for Complete Newbies

EDIT: Kepe has generously shared some great banner templates in this post! Download them now!! This is a video I did for a friend’s mentorship program. If you have NEVER used photoshop and want to learn how to make banners, this 30-minute video will take you by the hand and show you how to make […]

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Back To Basic – US Sweeps on FB

Struggling as a “newbie” becoming profitable? Let’s take it to the basics then! Where it’s quite normal and usual to avoid starting at a Tier-1 country as a newbie, especially not the US, here is a “simple” guide to reach 100% ROI, without using any software, platforms, cloaking, spy tools or what so ever. All […]

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Get the Latest Winning Campaigns From AdPlexity for Only $1!

Hi there, AdPlexity has a great news. Starting this moment and then every two weeks you have the opportunity to get a crucial report on the 45 best campaigns, run by your competitors. Split across Mobile, Desktop, Native and Push traffic, SneakPeek covers all the most important verticals – Nutra, Casino, Crypto, Sweeps, App-installs, Dating. […]

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12 Biggest Newbie Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 2)

(Continuing from Part 1…) Mistake #7: Maximizing ROI Instead of Profits 200% ROI may sound impressive – until you reveal that you’re spending $1/day to make $3. 30% ROI may not sound like a lot – but if you’re spending $1000 to make $1300, that wouldn’t be too shabby at all! The differentiation is especially […]

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FB Dead?

Excuse the sensational, clickbait title, but this is how I’m feeling about FB recently. As a health & beauty brand owner with a $140 AOV offer, I still cannot get FB to work. In Q1/Q2 (prior to IOS), I was able to get fairly consistent $55 CPAs on a $97 AOV. Biz was great. These […]

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Facebook Ads – What Vertical to Choose in 2021

Hey guys, I wanted to expose my thoughts about actual working verticals at the end of 2020. My goal is not to persuade you in running any specific vertical but to tell you my and my friends’ experience and motivate you to keep fighting. The first one is e-commerce. I think it’s the most perspective […]

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