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Advanced: How To Remove Tracking And Still Track Anyway

One well-known hack to pull a bit more ROI out of your campaigns, particularly mobile and pops, is to remove your tracking once you have the campaign dialled in, and just run traffic straight to the lander. That means that you get a faster response time from your campaign, which reliably increases ROI, often by […]

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Is Voluum misleading!? Click Test

So, I’ve tested it several times and it always adds some extra visits. I created a new campaign and opened it 10 times in new tabs. Voluum shows me 17 (!!!) visits. Watch in HD: Those stats are useless for me and there is still no feature to show only unique clicks, who cares […]

Categories Tracking Campaigns URL is being flagged as containing malware by antivirus software

Is anyone else have this problem? I am using a custom tracking domain. but the CNAME forwarding still must resolve at which is being flagged as containing malware by avast anitvirus.

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Best Tracking Software 2016?

And why? Would love to see more detailed comparisons of all the options. Update: Props to Thrive, FunnelFlux, Prosper202, Voluum and AdsBridge for chiming in on this thread. Awaiting others. Let’s hope this healthy competition drives them to make better, faster solutions. Update 2: See Amy’s in-depth review of the top 3 trackers from this […]

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Powerfull Productivity Hack. Not many use it

Hello everyone. Thought of sharing something you might find useful as I do. This is by no means anything complicated and was actually such a no-brainer yet most trackers don’t allow you to track.. yourself and your work. No more of that and you don’t have to wait until I create one ( it’ll take […]

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The definitive guide for tracking url parameters by traffic source

Does anybody lose their fucking mind trying to find the right documentation for URL tracking parameters by traffic source???? I’m putting down screen shots of the tracking tokens for several tracking sources. I encourage everybody to add! I really need the correct tokens for RevContent, so if anybody knows those, please send this way! For […]

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Landing Page Genius – Multivariate LP Optimization

Hi, Not sure if you guys already know but Mark from has released a pretty awesome Landingpage Optimization tool for Prosper202/CPVLab. I was one of the beta testers and helped him to improve it. I only tested it with prosper so i can’t give any review about using it with CPVLab but i was […]

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How to block traffic from spy tools!

hey guys, Chintan Shah here. I was getting pissed from all the traffic I was getting from spy tools. So I did a quick search and you can block the user from its referral domain in .htaccess So here is the code: RewriteEngine on # Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} RewriteRule .* – And guys […]

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Need A Geolocation Script To Redirect Users Based On Their Location? Here’s One!

One of the most common things that you’ll do in affiliate marketing is redirect people based on their country. Whether you’re making use of a traffic source where visitors come from every which where, or whether you’re making sure Facebook ad approvers don’t freak out, you’ll use this code over and over again. So, here’s […]

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How to split test “Direct Linking” VS “Landing Page” easily

Hi everyone, Since my subscription here, I was wondering what I could share with you. You guys are so expert in this industry that I didn’t have any idea on how I could bring some value. Here’s a modest technique for split testing “Direct Linking” Vs “Landing Pages” with Prosper202 easily. It’s a tutorial for […]

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