I wanted to write this guide for long time already and now it´s the time 🙂

From what I read here and from what I know when I was doing pop coaching the techinical aspect is a huge issue for many people.

You want to run campaigns and promote offers so why should you mess around with server stuff as well…

Today I will show you an easy and affordable way to setup a good infrastructure to use.

In this tutorial we cover:
– The server
– Domains and SSL certificates

This tutorial is more for beginners and exactly the way I describe it will work for up to 500k clicks per day, that has to do with the server configuration we use for it but 500k clicks per day should be enough in the beginning and keep you busy for some time 😀

Although this is a tutorial for beginners I won´t show how to sign up for accounts at the services we use, you should be able to figure it out yourself or it´s already covered here anyway :p

Let´s start with the server.

When you use a self hosted tracker you can use the same server where your tracker is installed for your landing pages as well, when you use a cloud tracker you need the server only for landing pages.

Login or sign up to Digital Ocean and create a droplet.

For the distribution click on Marketplace, search for “lemp” and then select LEMP on Ubuntu 20.04.

LEMP just means that the server will have Nginx, MySQL and PHP already installed when it´s ready to use and that way the whole installation takes only few minutes.

For us most important is the Nginx webserver.

Choose this plan:

For datacenter you can just choose London or Frankfurt.

For authentication you can keep password, that´s how I do it myself as well.

When the droplet is created the server is ready to use, let´s continue with the next step:


Amy already did a great job with her tutorial for hosting and CDN but let me show you how I do it 🙂

Instead of using Amazons infrastructure we use Cloudflare

To use a CDN and DNS of course you need a domain so first get a domain from Namecheap that you want to use for your landing pages.

You can use Cloudflares DNS for your tracking domains as well, the steps are always the same but tracking domains can mostly/always be added to your server from within the tracker itself.

To add landing page domains to a server can be a bit more complicated, that´s why I show you how to do it easy-peasy as well.

Ok, when you got your domain from Namecheap go back to Cloudflare and add ...

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