AM is not an easy skill to master, and making mistakes and learning from them is a big part of the learning process.

During my many discussions with new affiliates on this forum and in the 6WAMC, I noticed that some of the same mistakes are being made by new affiliates – over and over again.

So I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about these mistakes, to help you avoid them.

I’ve also asked our experienced forum admins and mods to add to my original list – the result is this post.

We’re hoping our tips below will help you to:

-Avoid wasting money
-Avoid limiting your earnings potential
-Maximize your profits

Let’s get right to them!


Mistake #1: Looking at AM as the Last Resort to Financial Problems

We’ve all seen posts written by new members in desperation:

“Help me please! I have 3 kids to feed and just lost my job yesterday. I have 1k left in the bank so I need to make AM work before that money runs out. Please give me a magic bullet right now or my family will starve!”

“I heard that affiliate marketing has the potential of making me 4-5 figures/day! Just signed up last week and decided to quit my job yesterday to focus 100% on making AM work. I have 3k left for living expenses, running campaigns, and buying tools. Hopefully that will be enough!”

(Note: Not actual quotes, but I’ve seen similar.)

Being in dire financial straits, with no means of getting more money, and thinking to “invest” the last $1k in their bank account to learn AM and turn it into a stable income stream, is one of the worst decisions one could make. And judging by how most of the OPs disappeared from ...

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