Hi guys,

In recent days we discussed in @jaybot FA about the problem with combining data.

On Voluum but probably also different trackers there are limits. Sometimes we also lose data because of data retention. Sometimes we can get only 30 days max.

@diplomat advised to use AWS tools to join all data but I don’t really know how it works.

But I know Google Sheets a bit and I can Google 😀

So I created the sheet which does the whole job.

I got so much help and value from STM so probably it’s the time to give some love back. Maybe this sheet will be useful to somebody 🙂

Anyway, how it works? I will show it with Voluum as example.

1. Go to your tracker, select all placements from last 30 days from whatever GEO / offer / vertical you want. Click Export > Download CSV

Select placement (Zone ID), revenue, costs and conversions. That’s a ...

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