Ladies & gentlemen,

In the eerie peace and quiet before the TikTok degen volcano erupts on STM, ole Shishev has something different in store to keep yer eyeballs entertained in the interim.

Here’s why I’m starting an Amazon follow along:

1. I’ve chosen to tackle The Bezos because I’d like a slice of that Amazon pie. “Amazon’s worth is currently $1.7 trillion.

2. For your entertainment (and, hopefully, my own mini-profits)

3. Amazon seems relatively chill in comparison to, say, Zuckerbook. On the surface PPC looks quite tame. I’d rather go opposite of where everyone’s going.

4. If this works, I’ll turn it into a tutorial where newbies would be able to launch their own stuff on Bezzy-land for not too much cash-money.

5. In order to improve my cursing game, inspired by jaybot

Disclaimer: I have 0 Amazon experience. Nada. I know ecommerce but I don’t know ecommerce on Amazon. Literally started from scratch.

Guess what? I can sell whatever the fuck I want too, BEZZY BOI.



– Found a half-decent niche with low competition where the product doesn’t get used much if it all once it’s setup, and it’s priced at $55+, and it has no HAZMAT shit. Think decorative but also slightly useful in a way.

– Differentiated my product by strengthening certain aspects of it based on bad ...

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