Welcome to my first eCommerce follow along.

Building a POD empire is probably a bit exaggerated but I will try to get a small side business on Merch by Amazon running with it.

Why do I do it?

I would like to show you some alternative ways to make money online besides of pushing CPA products :p

Why POD (Print On Demand)?

Once you have the basics running you can outsource lots of the work so that it can turn into a pretty much passive business.

Why Merch by Amazon?

It gives you the chance to sell directly on Amazon without the need to have own physical products.

Additionally there´s a great platform that helps alot to get started on Merch, more about it in a moment.

Ok, in 2016 a friend told me about Merch by Amazon and he had some nice success there.

I also tested a bit there but didn´t continue with it because I had enough other stuff running at this time.

In 2016 you could only design T-Shirts, nowad ...

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