If you want to really understand how tracking works, you only need to understand three things.

These three things will let you understand any tracker – not just affiliate trackers like Voluum or Prosper, but also traffic source tracking and affiliate network tracking like Cake. They all work the same way!

This tutorial’s pretty long, but stick with it!

I’ve split it up into three sections, plus a wrap-up at the end. There are handy self-study questions in each part that you can use to make sure you’ve understood it before you move on to the next.

Thing The First: Database IDs

The first thing you need to understand is how databases work. All tracking runs on its own database, which is basically the same as a massive spreadsheet – columns of data.

Whenever a visitor enters any tracking system, whether that’s an affiliate network tracker, an affiliate tracker like Voluum or a traffic source tracker, they are assigned an ID.

Then, the tracker associates every other piece of information it gets about that visitor with ...

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