Hi STMers! 😎

In my first follow along (Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POPs Working) I said I would like to move into native as soon as I get profitable and consistent with sweepstakes. Thanks to you many of you guys here, I’m happy to say I’m entering a new chapter in my AM carrier. 🙂 I decided to get into Native and COD offers. In the next few months, I will invest all the profit from sweepstake camps into COD offers and find something that’s a bit more stable and rewarding. :p

As I did with my sweepstake follow along, I will try to document and share with you guys as much as possible.

Let’s start with a list of things that I did until today.

  • Read the most popular threads on STM
  • Opened accounts with COD networks: AdCombo, Magic Hygeia, M4TRIX Networks
  • Switched mobile.Adplexity to native.Adplexity
  • Opened and funded account on MGID
  • Talked with AMs about popular offers/categories
  • Spent 30 min/day in Adplexity to get a filling what hot right now
  • Opened a small mastermind group for COD offers
  • Opened an account also on MadSociety because most of the users there are into native
  • Get in touch with MGID rep

First Campaigns

Today I’ve uploaded the first 3 offers to MGID.

How did I pick my first offers?
1) MGID Traffic Insights

MGID has one great feature where you can insights for specific GEO (avg. bid, volume, trend). Based on this data I decided to start looking for TH and ES offers.

2) Find popular offers w ...

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