***Copying my Follow-Along from another forum to this forum***

In the spirit of running native traffic, I figured I’d make up a funny follow along title.

Been lurking around this forum and MadSociety forum for about a month now just to get re-acclimated to the affiliate marketing scene and to understand tracking and all that jazz. Still trying to figure all the nuances, but thankfully my memory doesn’t fail all the way from previous experience.



Traffic Source: RevContent – Will master this source before moving onto other sources.
Offers: – Blood Boost Formula
– Smart Financial Car Insurance
– Oshen Watch
Geo: USA
Traffic: Desktop, Disabled AdBlock & Push Notification

Here are a few thoughts I had when I ran this campaign and what are my actions and goals ongoing forward:


1) Stats on the campaign:

– Blood Boost Formula: 0.134% Ad CTR; Spent: $273.72, 1 Conversion Revenue: $108
– Smart Financial Car Insurance: 0.066% Ad CTR; Spent: $126.98, 1 Conversion Revenue: $7
– Oshen Watch: 0.109% Ad CTR, Spent: $230.51, 4 Conversions Revenue: $125

Based on the stats I decided to choose Oshen W ...

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