I’m running ecom ads on Taboola for the past few months now. Spent well over $1M, had many ups and downs. I’m running on SmartBid – Optimized. However I am still struggling to create successful campaigns. There are still lots of questions I don’t have the answer for, although I’m testing new ideas every day. Here are a few of them:

  • Blocking bad performing banners or adding new ones to an established campaign (70+ conversion pixel on the campaign, running for more than 3-4 days) seems to do more bad than good to the campaign. It usually changes performance quite a bit and almost always kills the campaign. Why could this happen and is there any way to prevent it from happening?
  • Changing Site bid %s on an established campaign doesn’t do any good either when using Smartbid. If I have a placement that has 20 sales and I increase CPC % by 10-20%, very often it goes into negative on the next day. Why is this happening?
  • New campaign performance is usually very random. Sometimes it takes off sometimes it doesn’t. Do I have to start multiple clones of the same campaig ...

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