Almighty? Yes al………..wait for it…….. MIGHTY! Let start off with some reasons why the ad manager is so good;

it’s on point, with not too much bells and whistles

it’s understandable, even for someone with little internet knowledge

it’s fast, and by this I mean within a few steps you have a campaign live with great potential

it has so many features, but they don’t distract you from the core (setting up a campaign fast)

amazing targeting, this feature you will find no where else and has to be pointed out specially

comprehensive analytics, for a “free” tool you get so many insights regarding the campaigns you run

Now it’s time to take you on journey, a journey where we go step by step through the ad manager and experience the possibilities a little bit.

Step One – Setup the ad account


Above you see the first page when you enter the ad manager of Facebook ( Choose the options which are applicable for you personally. If you want to change the time zone later on, this will de-activate the current account, so you lose all ads and history and you have to start from scratch.

Step Two – Choose objective


Based on the objective you choose, Facebook will adjust the ad manager with features, for example bidding options and different ad formats. In general you choo ...

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