As you might know Facebook’s algorithm has a lot of queries to handle daily. I think nobody can imagine how complicated and hard it is to keep Facebook a “safe” place for everyone to interact with their family/friends and relatives.

Mation already wrote a nice piece about the algorithm/mediabuy, please read it asap if you are a newbie;

Even the most experienced Facebook mediabuyers don’t know what is going to happen when they launch a new campaign. Ofcourse some parts of mediabuy are a bit predictable (proven creatives, certain targeting settings), but even then it hoping your timing etc is on point to find the sweetspot.

Part of testing are budgets ofcourse. As a newbie you want to test as much as possible with your limited budget. Facebook gives you the opportunity to test 6 creatives within one ad set. Most of time 2-3 of these creatives won’t get any attention from Facebook and give 1-3 ads most traffic and results. A max of 3 creatives within one ad set is best when you are on low budget from my experience.

Even now I mostly have 3 images in one ad set, so these 3 ads “compete” within the same pool to see which one stands out most and will result in the lowest CPC. Just out of lazyness I sometimes have one ad in ...

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