Hey Guys,

I need a little advice I think I am stuck. I am not able to find a profitable offer. You see I have read this forum for the past 2 months. I have completed the Vortex’s 40 days tutorial and I read Twinaxe’s push tutorial. I have also completed many other case studies and follow along.
Initially, when I was reading the 40 days tutorial, I ran a campaign that was showing me results like -30% ROI on pop. Then I tried to optimize the campaign both ways. I tried WL as well as BL, but I couldn’t bring it to being profitable. Later since Push is the most widely used ad format nowadays for sweepstakes, I tried the same offer on push.

The offer showed me results like -50% ROI and then eventually died. And ever since I am trying to find an offer that can be profitable. But sadly I am not even able to find an offer that will show conversions. I have been mostly testing sweepstakes. I have tested Gift card and iPhone sweepstakes on the Geos like Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand & ...

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