The latest DOs and DONTs for your Facebook ad account

Everyone running Facebook knows that lately their policies have been very strict, to say the least. I’ve been talking to many people over the past weeks about it and put together a special piece for those who read WHAT THE AFF. But STM Forum is where I’ve formed myself as an affiliate, and think members should have this here too.

The info I’m sharing here comes from affiliate networks that share info from directly from their FB reps with affiliates, like GiddyUp, high volume Facebook affiliates, and general reports from STM, FB groups and in the news.

First thing’s first – if you actively try to break Facebook’s policies, I have no idea what to do and you will definitely get your account banned. This is very much focused on those banned for doing things that were once accepted and are struggling to demystify the new policies.

1. Making claims that are not immediately verifiable by a consumer or by Facebook.

In short, if you can’t google it and quickly get an answer from a reputable source, don’t make the claim.

This applies whether the claim is true or not! It’s not about true or false here, it’s about easily verifiable.

For example, if a product can, but is not likely to, save you 10 hours a month or $1,000 a year, it will likely be considered sensationalized, unverifiable or misleading.

In other words, expect to get rejected quicker than you can swipe left on Tinder.

Solution: make sure you show the source of your claims so FB policy team can quickly verify.

2. Sensationalized lan ...

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