Disclaimer 1: The following campaign was launched in order to better understand TheOptimizer.io user needs with the aim to provide them with added value support in terms of best practices.

Disclaimer 2: The actual ad spends, revenue and accounts used in this case study belong to a friend of mine who was kind enough to let me take over one of his campaigns without limitations and share them here.

Following my previous guide on Running Search Feed Arbitrage Campaigns on Native, in this thread I’m going through the process of running and optimizing native to search feed campaigns.

In order to make this case study/guide more comprehensive, I will break this down to 4 main topics. This way, even those who are not familiar with this kind of campaigns can understand and replicate the logic.

  • Finding potential good performing feeds/verticals
  • Building a solid tracking setup
  • Launching and optimizing the campaign
  • Results and Key Takeaways

Let’s start!

Finding Potential Good Performing Feeds/Verticals

As always, competitive intelligence tools are extremely useful to find good offers/feeds, as well as getting the right ideas about what images and headlines to use. So before launching this campaign I went to Adplexity Native and ran a query with the following criteria:

Search Query: In Ad Info (enter keyword) | Results of at least 5 to 30/45 days | Country: US | Sort by: “ ...

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