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We continue to dominate the tracking market in forward momentum (i.e. new feature additions). We have no technical debt and our advanced Machine Learning tech has been proven to increase conversions by 20% or more. If sticking with your first generation 2012-inspired cloud or self-hosted tracker is that important to you this post is not for you. If you or your agency is ready to graduate to the best ad-tech shop in the world, please apply and be sure to mention that you are from STM https://kintura.com/new

Shared with permission (if push and pops is your kind of thing)…


Automated Optimization

Kintura now supports auto-optimization connectors for the following sources:

  • Taboola
  • Revcontent
  • Content.ad
  • MGID
  • Exoclick
  • Zeropark
  • PropellerAds

We’ve got some cool inventions over here, one of which is something called Stackable Lists. You can actually maintain, apply and stack placement lists (even merge black with white) on any connected campaign. In addition to all your favorite manual inline tools such as pausing and bid adjustments (where available).


Manual inline controls either simple or advanced…


Automation rules including support for Leads (for Adcombo, etc)


Also introduced our Residential/Mobile proxy report (and routing rules) should you be interested. This is provided by a third-party data provider Kintura has an exclusive deal with…

As always, thank you all for such wonderful feedback. There are just too many features to list now. Our STMVIP coupon code is still active as well.

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Hi all. I finally had some time to make an official thread for Kintura Tracker. My name is Aaron and I am one of two original technical co-founders here and the only remaining technical co-founder as the other is now a VP at Amazon, Inc. I have domain expertise (since 1998) in the area of Distributed ...

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