Hello everyone, until this moment I was in read-only mode and I apologize that I have to post my first thread with a problem.

I was faced with the fact that Mundomedia refuses to pay me 11.5k $.

In November-December 2017, I began to send native traffic to casino offers on a recommendation from my AM.
Before that, AM successfully approved my lander.
I sent a lot of traffic to these offers from Revcontent and Mgid traffic sources with the final result in a small minus on the ROI and eventually dropped it and focused on other things that I can do better.
During this time, I did not receive any complaints about the quality of conversions.
Moreover, my manager increased the payout for the offer to motivate me to continue to work with.
All the revenue received from casino offers were paid to me on time (I was on the weekly payments).

Further, I continued to work with Mu ...

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