My wife and I started a women’s health supplement business together based on a product that changed her life. We have an opportunity to dominate this market if we can get this right. We’ve got our shopify store setup, lots of great reviews on our page, product ready here in the US, and our FB account primed & ready. Time to start racking conversions!

The below case study time range is about 3 weeks from start to today.

At a high level, my testing methodology went:

1. Upload various ad angles
2. Flip best angle into new campaign with various images
3. Flip best image into new campaign with various text/headlines
4. Flip best image/headline combo into new campaign with various audiences
5. Scale (if 1-4 work out).

Campaign details that remained static throughout this whole case study:

-All US targeting
-“automatic placements” – but they exclusively put our ads on Facebook mobile. <1% on instagram.
-Bidding for conversions
-Every day FB spent 100% of allocated budget, spread evenly through day.
-When running a split test to find best headlines/best angles/best images I used FB’s Ad split test feature.

Initial setup:

We launched 6 different ad sets each as a different approach/angle to gauge interest. All ad sets were targeted at a 1% LLA based on about 200 purchases we’ve achieved from other traffic sources over the past 60 days.

5 of the 6 ad sets did poorly. Low CTRs. Low/no conversions.

The 6th ad set did great with CTRs of 6.5% and CPAs that were decent. We chose to dive in & scale this ad type.

This particular ad set was a testimonial-styled ad with a 5-star revie ...

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