I promised myself that I would write an honest review of an affiliate conference as a first-time newbie.

so here it goes….

A little run-down

I was mainly involved in many SEO related projects and one of my longtime colleagues asked me if I would join him on a paid-traffic journey. I said fuck it, and we blindly decided to start off in the adult dating vertical. I’ve never ran paid traffic before so there was a steep learning curve on hosting, trackers and everything. I think it took me a few days just to figure out how voluum works LOL 😀

He recommended me to join STM as there was a lot of tutorials and a good community. I said f*ck it and joined. I’ve read all the basic paid traffic case studies, tutorials, how to setup Amazon AWS s3 bucket etc, literally just about everything.

Some success

Fast forward a month or two, I started getting some success in adult dating and reached the iconic $100 per day milestone and I was stoked. I fell in love with the community and I would sit there on my mobile refreshing the homepage for any new threads or post I could read and reply to.

I started to notice that affiliate world banner and that’s when I found out about the conference. Mind you, I’ve never been to a ...

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