Hey everyone! Do I have a big treat for you all today!

STM member David Atias, who you all know by his STM username “mation”, has generously divulged to me details on a big campaign he’s CURRENTLY running. He took a profitable campaign and turned it into a 6-figure campaign in 1 week by scaling to multiple GEOs.

If you’re not familiar with who mation is, you should watch another interview we’ve done with him at AWA last year, in which he dropped a bunch of great tips you won’t want to miss:


Also, DO check out some of his posts here on the forum – many of them are littered with gold nuggets. You just need to pick them up and apply them to your campaigns. At a minimum, you should at least check out the two posts of his that were so valuable they were stickied:



NOTE: In case anyone’s questioning the authenticity of the numbers in the screenshots, I have personally verified David’s revenue and ad spend claims via TeamViewer, where he logged into his affiliate account as well as various FB accounts in real-time to show me key metrics. So stop doubting – if you dare to dream big and take action, anything is possible.

Before I reveal details of the campaign – a couple of important disclaimers:

1)The campaign is grey-hat, and Facebook accounts have been banned in the process. Of course your experience will vary depending on the specific offers you run and how you run them, but please be informed that neither we at STM nor David will be held responsible for any Facebook accounts you may lose by implementing any of the tactics revealed in this post (or any other posts on this forum for that matter).

Having said that: No matter whether you’re running whitehat or blackhat, you can benefit from many of David’s suggestions in this post, ...

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