If you haven’t had your first profitable campaign, or made your first conversion, or haven’t even run your first campaign, then here’s your chance!

(Even if you’ve had some success running campaigns, you’d be welcomed to enter this contest. But this is mainly for very green newbies.)


I’ve written a small guide on how to set up a campaign in the EASIEST and CHEAPEST way possible, without even using a tracker.

The process involves investing $10 into PopAds to buy traffic and directing it to a Push Smartlink.

In spite of the 40-day tutorial, many members are still stuck in Analysis Paralysis, or would lose heart after testing only a few offers and not making conversions.

So, we decided to write this guide to help newbies get over that first major hurdle to reach that first major milestone.

I’ve tested this push smartlink – in fact I’ve tested a bunch of smartlinks and this converted the best. Payouts are very low, but that’s what makes it the ideal offer to get conversions with, and get some practice on optimization.

And the guide is a step-by-step. Almost down to every click and keystroke. With lots of images to illustrate.

I’ve made it so that you’d have absolutely NO excuse NOT to take action.

If even this guide can’t get you to take action – then you should not continue to consider a career in paid traffic. I’m seldom this harsh, but am dead serious…because this is as easy as it’ll EVER get!


We’ve decided to charge $1 for the guide itself.

Why not make it free, you may be asking.

Two reasons.

Firstly, we want you to actually value it enough to take action. If it was just another free guide, you may just ...

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