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I woke up this morning after a podcast on “Palm Up Networking” and thought what the fuck, here you go STM masses; HAVE SOME CAKE:

Few Years – No Post. Actually – No post ever. I’m a classic under the radar junkie. This is a long post but a worthy one.

Firstly, a bit of background, I’ve been riding 2 verticals in my geo for the past 5 years and both have recently come to a legislative halt in my humble backyard, namely Payday and EDU, with that said, I, while they lasted, I managed to amass a decent run, in the ballpark of low $XXX,XXX monthly for half a decade. The kinda stuff that makes you lazy, slow and develop several bad habits. All while operating on yesterdays wins while they die. Truth hurts, but for some of us you know exactly what I mean.

Whether you relate or not, the death of a vertical brings some deep soul searching, bluntly coupled with a few light questions like; Did I just get lucky ’til now? Am I actually good at w ...

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