I have used content locking for around 5 years now, mostly incentive type methods, sometimes people ask is it unethical but that depends on your angle and approach. If you look around there’s networks that won’t allow you to offer up something in return that the person wins something for free.

Perhaps they have some incentive offers but not many I doubt, then you have other networks around such as the awesome CPAGrip network or AdworkMedia, you can use the incentive offers for example to offer up free Xbox codes, however, there is a big majority of their affiliates that won’t actually hand the codes out, that’s where it can get a little BH in most people’s eyes and frowned upon.

Well, for anyone thinking about getting into the incentive content locking game take my word for it, you can make a HECK of a lot of money and you can turn what can be misconceived as BH into a (ethical) WH niche anyway, I’ll go ahead and explain this in detail on this thread and will help you out.

The Bad

I’ll write up an example… take a niche and push it on a bunch of people and then just take their money, don’t give them anything of value, heck, you have their money now right so who cares, nope, that’s not cool we all know that and deep ...

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