A member has responded to one of my posts with the question: “You mentioned ‘errors’ in the landing page when ripping it. Are you able to explain what errors these are?”

So I’m creating this post to answer that question.

Let me start by saying that I suck at coding. I can count on one hand the number of landers I ever made from scratch.

I would enlist help from mastermind buddies, and coding services (bannerslanders.com, fiverr, etc.) which could get expensive.

And anyways – why would you pay for custom landers before you even have a profitable campaign? Ripped landers are often enough to unveil the good offers, which is why I almost always do my initial testing using ripped landers, gotten mostly from spy tools like Adplexity.

The problem with ripping landers, is that some of the coding would get screwed up while it’s being ripped – some code could go missing where it’s needed for the lander to work properly, and on the other hand you’ll find characters appear in places they have no business being at.

Below are some of the common things that need to be fixed for a ripped lander to display and work properly. Disclaimer: Since I’m not a coder my terminology may not be 100% accurate, but my code snippet examples should be accurate because they are actual examples!

1)Add Missing getURLParameter Function

Sometimes you’ll see places where ...

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