Ho ho ho, Santa twinaxe is in the house and has a gift for you 🙂

Today I will give you one of my pop whitelists for Propeller Ads.

Here are some infos about it:

The zones are collected from a campaign that I started to run few months ago and kept running for quite some time.

I ran the campaign in multiple lower Tier geos, the offer was sweeps/pin submit and targeting was Mobile, Android, 3G and WiFi.

To make sure that the zones are still good I just ran few small tests yesterday and today with a similar offer and conversions started pretty fast so it´s definitely still working 🙂

Although pop placements often work for long time it´s still possible that some of the zones are not that active anymore.

All zones in the whitelist have minimum 10 conversions, the zone with the most conversions has about 1.8k.

Altogether there is data from more than 12k conversions in this list.

In the list there are 5 columns:

Real CPM
Possible CPM

Zone, Clicks and Leads should be prett ...

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