Since there are still a lot of questions and mysteries around Facebook and how to keep an account live for a decent time, here a list of quick wins – tips and info what’s important to keep an eye on. Nowadays the info might be relevant too for the white-hatters, since FB is kickin’ ass quite randomly sometimes!

Almost 3 years ago we started with our farming platform, at the moment we (and our partners) still run on accounts of 2yr+ age, blackhat only, without cloaking (some clients cloak tho’).

😎The trick is to fly under the radar at any time, to avoid manual reviews!😎

Tech setup;
– make sure your accounts are not connected in anyway when it comes to; ip adress, fingerprint, device, browser versions etc. Ofcourse you MIGHT be able to run several accounts on one device through one IP, but when you start scaling (on ad spend, but also on volume of accounts) FB will hit you and take down everything related! Just a simple MLA setup will not be enough to do decent volumes.

Payment setup;
– make sure you use solid payment methods. try to avoid usage of vcc’s and similar payments methods like these. big chance these services are bombed with mediabuyers burning their bin’s. a decent solution might be adding paypal to the FB account with a VCC attached to the paypal account. still not the most solid solution compared to a real solid CC or iDeal (Dutch pay ...

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