Yo guys,

So do you remember that list with internal reasons FB has to ban or flag your ads (I mean this list)? I came across some tool that gives you the opportunity to look up the reason why your ads (ad account) got flagged / banned so you can improve the next time. It gives you insight in how FB looks at your ads, link etc. You can find it here: https://fbadchecker.com/

So why is this useful:
It gives insights in why your ads are getting banned and with this information you can fix the issues in your setup.

Let me give you an example of what you can do with this information based on a couple of my own ads:
Here is a sample screenshot made of the reasons why my ads from one of my FB accounts for flagged/banned of the reasons for flagging/banning my ads

What do we see here:
Ad Account name , image of the ad, ad name, relevance score, ad status, reason for flag/ban.
If you see “ADS_INTEGRITY_POLICY” under the ad account name (like ...

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