Optimisation. It’s hard, but that’s because it’s key.

Here are 14 tips and a bunch of resources to help you get from “I think this campaign has promise” to “I’m buying my next Lamborghini now”.

Optimisation: Dos and Don’ts

1) DON’T just go with your gut (unless you’re a stone-cold expert). Unless you’re a Stackman- or MrGreen-level expert, statistical math is MASSIVELY more accurate than going on feel for what to cut when.

2) DO run tests to statistical significance. Cutting placements, landers, banners and campaigns too early is one of the surest ways to fail at AM. Doesn’t matter if it LOOKS significant, do the math!

3) DON’T run tests beyond statistical significance. There’s no point spending $100 on a $0.20 payout that doesn’t convert. Once you know for certain that an ad won’t work or a lander’s not the best of the bunch, stop and test something else.

4) DO use Bayesian testing wherever you can. Here’s our guide to Bayesian testing for landers. It’s both cheaper and doesn’t build up errors compared to conventional split-test calculators.

5) DO split-test offers against each other. 80% of AM success is finding the right offer / traffic source combination.

6) DO split-test the same offer across different networks. Yes, I know it sounds weird, but trust us – testing the same offer on several networks is usually one of the biggest optimisations you can do.

7) DON’T Cut On CTR. Usually. CTR isn’t a very good predictor of how successful a landing page or ad will be. Here’s Finch’s guide to why. You should almost always cut on CVR ...

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