I never intended to write this thread, but after @jaybot shared his yearly stats in his follow-along, I felt tempted to write one too.

And moving forward, every year, I’ll be sharing my yearly progress on STM forum and I’ll also share my experiences, mistakes and learnings from that particular year.

My 2021 Stats

(In the 2nd Image, i have purposely hidden the name of some of the traffic sources because these are unique to me and i don’t wish to reveal them).

I Made around $682,000 in 2021. Currently, I focus on only 4 traffic types

1. Calendar traffic
2. Push traffic
3. In-page push traffic
4. Native Ads

Out of $682k, around $500K came from calendar traffic alone and the rest of it is from push traffic.
I take all my payments in crypto and since price of crypto (in India) is 7-8% higher than that of US, I end up making 7-8% more each time I convert my payments(crypto) into Indian currency. So, the total revenue comes out around $730,000.

My Biggest month of 2021(in terms of profit) was August 2021.

In the entire year, I never crossed the milestone of $100,000/month (in revenue) or $50,000/month (in profits).
For some reasons, I am way too attached to my ROI. I don’t like my ROI to go below 100%. So, even though I could have easily scaled my campaign to $100,000/month (in revenue), but then I would have to comprise with my ROI – which I was not willing to do.

I am still very young and new to media buying, I feel if my campaigns were run by more experienced media buyers like @twinaxe, then he could have ended up making more than 1 million dollars using the same campaigns that I am running. But i don’t have that type of work ethics or discipline. I am still learning.


1. Running away from taxes

When I was making all this money, I knew that 30% of this would go to government (as tax). ...

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