We’re living in a time of transition. With Facebook and Google making it harder to run blackhat campaigns a lot of affiliates are pushed to whitehat verticals if they want to be able to spend 4-5 figures daily budgets.

But the problem we saw while testing new whitehat opportunities, especially in Ecom, was the amount of overhead and new tasks it involved.

Our first successful Ecom campaign sold nearly 8k units of a product. This “success”, came with tons of issues related to customer support, logistics, and product quality improvement.

In the end, we saw a return of less than 25% for our money invested and something didn’t quite add up. We doubled or tripled our work, but we cut our ROIs short on the same proportion. We also increased our risk significantly (PayPal issues anyone?).

I know, it takes time to build an asset, a brand, backend sales and a quality product positioning yourself in the market and who knows, maybe one day we will do it if we find something that sums a decent return. For the time being, we decided to focus on finding verticals and campaigns that bring us an optimal return for our money and, at the same time, don’t increase the issues we have to deal with.

I’m optimistic that there are still good opportunities in the space, allowing us to make money leveraging our affiliate skills and putting them to work for abnormal returns.

One of these opportunities was brought to us by SHINEz. It is based on content monetization, where you work with several viral sites that have galleries and other engaging content as landing pages where different display banners are shown. The traffic arrives at the landing page and you get paid either per click or per impressions generated in your site.

We used to run this sort of campaigns some years ago with Facebook traffic and Google Adsense, but we left it aside as we didn’t feel comfortable relying on just one source of monetization. There had been several cases published in the media about Google not paying 6-figure amounts to Adsense partners that had a good reputation and nice sites and layouts so we didn’t want to end up like one of those guys.

So when SHINEz brought this business model to us again we had some experience and we knew what we were looking for and things we ...

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